The Amity Education Group

Amity Early Learning Centre is a part of the Amity Education Group, an organization with a proven track record of quality Education. The Group has Universities, Schools, and Preschools across the world. 

Our values guide our behavior in building a successful community. 

  • Unity in Diversity 
  • Inspiring Excellence 
  • Growing Together
  • Creating Collaboration 

Why Choose Us 

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we provide globally benchmarked education – from Pre-school to Higher Education. The Amity Education Group is a Not-for-Profit Education Foundation with 200,000 students worldwide, our fast-growing network has resulted in campuses across the world. Our students benefit from; 

Outstanding Education: We encourage high academic standards, to develop both creative and critical thinking skills. 

Community strength: Our school is a community. It is a place where teachers, students, and parents build strong partnerships and celebrate success.

Inspiring teachers: Teachers are critical to a student’s success. We aim to attract the best talent from across the globe to ensure our students excel.